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Our Vision Statement

Christchurch Kindergarten Children’s Nursery aims to give children a “Head Start” in their early lives by giving them a happy and positive learning experience.

Our education is guided by the current government standards of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for educating children up to the age of five. Children learn through play by exploring ideas, concepts, their physical environment and social interactions. We strive to bring learning and all the areas of the EYFS together by carefully planning indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Parental partnership is promoted at the Kindergarten as staff are aware that parents are their children's first teachers, and that the education process begins at home. A strong link with the key person, the parents and the child is paramount. The Kindergarten understands the need for continuous improvement, and so carries out regular consultations and evaluations with the children, their families and the relevant staff.

We have achieved an Ofsted rating of 'Outstanding' for the years 2010 to 2013, and 2015. Our aim is to achieve this level of childcare across all our branches, every year.

Currently, our Gange branch holds an 'Outstanding' rating.